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About Footnote

Footnote is the MNCPA’s flagship publication covering accounting news, technology trends, personal development tips and MNCPA offerings. Advertising in Footnote is an effective way to reach an engaged audience and grow brand awareness.

Why advertise?

Five reasons to consider a print advertising campaign:

  1. It’s tangible. Nearly half of MNCPA members keep their copy of Footnote and reference it later.
  2. It strengthens your brand. You control the images, text, colors and fonts, solidifying your brand identity.
  3. It reaches a targeted audience. Footnote is written specifically for CPAs and financial professionals. Your message will reach the right hands.
  4. It engages with members. Unlike websites, which get skimmed by readers, Footnote contains relevant articles enticing members to thoroughly read the entire publication.
  5. It shows credibility. Driving members to your website or business through print assures them that you are a legitimate business ready to help them solve a business need. 

Other stats about Footnote 

  • 100% of the more than 8,000 MNCPA members receive Footnote
  • 96% of members read Footnote
  • 85% of members are in a financial decision-making or advisory role for their business
  • 42% of members keep their copy of Footnote to reference later
  • 20% of members reportedly visit the website or contact the company after seeing a print advertisement in Footnote

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Sponsored content and other advertising options

  • Sponsored content. Attract prospects and drive engagement with high-converting, personalized content
  • Belly band wrap - Grab members attention with a Footnote belly band. Your company’s brand is the first thing our members will see when our flagship publication hits their mailboxes. Use this as a stand-alone ad, or an opportunity to direct members to additional information or offerings within Footnote.
  • Package insert - Have a company insert (brochure or flier) wrapped with Footnote. We’ll package your marketing materials with our magazine. Members will feel like they are opening a gift — your gift!

Publication is printed the first of each month and typically arrives in member mailboxes by the seventh day of each month.

Download rate card and insertion order (PDF)

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Leslie Mueller
Strategic Partnership Specialist

“Advertising in Footnote is a smart investment for my business. Most of our leads come from referrals, and CPAs are some of the best referral sources. Footnote allows us to economically and accurately build our brand with this key constituency group of Minnesota-based CPAs. – Dan Mulvaney, M&A Advisor Sunbelt Business Advisors