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This Just In

Advertise in the MNCPA’s daily e-newsletter, This Just In and reach more than 5,500 subscribers. “This Just In” is sent out by 3 p.m. each day and features the news and information CPAs need to know. Daily and weekly rates are available. (Only one advertiser per email.)


  • 5,500+ subscribers
  • 40%+ average open rate
  • 308 average clicks
  • 6% clicks on advertisement image
  • 99% deliverabiltiiy rate

Advertising rates

  • Daily banner ad only - $300 per day.
  • Weekly banner ad only - $1,200 - your ad will run for one entire week. This cannot be broken up into individuals days. 
  • Sponsored content only - $500 per placement.
  • Banner ad and sponsored content bundle - $750 per day
  • Weekly banner ad and 1x sponsored content bundle - $1,500 per week

Ad graphic specifications


  • 540px by 70px
  • Resolution 96 DPI, preferred
  • Minimum of 14 px (10.5pt) font, preferred
  • Must include company name or logo in the banner
  • JPG, GIF or PNG, static images only. Animated GIFs are acceptable. Flash cannot be used
  • URL to link image

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Leslie Mueller
Strategic Partnership Specialist