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MNCPA Leadership Academy 

Immersive learning for future CPA leaders


It's an all-too-common story in accounting firms: Just as staff members start delivering their best value, they walk out the door. But when you invest in your people and provide a clear path for them to meet their career goals, they're more likely to commit to your firm — and drive its success.
You must cultivate strong leaders. And that's what the MNCPA Leadership Academy does for your firm.

The MNCPA Leadership Academy:

  • Equips emerging leaders to deliver their best value and drive future success. It's not just about the attendee — it's about your entire firm.
  • Tackles the unique challenges of leading effectively in public accounting.
  • Provides regular feedback to the firm's sponsoring partner to maximize follow-through, progress and accountability at the firm.
  • Meets four times throughout the year, allowing time to sharpen skills between sessions.
  • Includes a one-on-one, individualized leadership coaching session.
  • Builds a pipeline of future leaders and strengthens employee retention.

Program overview

  • Designed for: Public accounting seniors on the path to manager roles and beyond
  • Time commitment: Four full-day workshops, one 50-minute coaching session and one extra involvement activity
  • CPE: 33 credits (1 ethics credit)
  • Instructor: Jon Lokhorst, CPA, ACC
  • Location: MNCPA Education Center, Bloomington, MN
  • Investment: $1,795 for nonmembers, $1,495 for MNCPA members
  • Enrollment is limited to one person per firm

Schedule and workshop details

Wednesday, ​July 29 -- Leadership Foundations and Development Plans
  • Explore leadership paradigms and learn what it takes to build a strong personal leadership foundation.
  • Assess your unique qualities and start crafting your leadership development plan.
  • Hear from prior Leadership Academy participants at a panel discussion and social hour.
Wednesday, Sept. 30 -- 360-Degree Leadership: Lead Well in All Directions
  • Build on your progress and share the challenges and successes you've encountered.
  • Get guidance on common work-life issues and how to handle the challenges of serving in a middle-management role.
  • Expand your view of leadership to include upward and horizontal leadership, as well as self-leadership.
Friday, Nov. 6 -- Fill Your Toolbox: Essential Leadership Skills
  • Sharpen your skills with delegation, coaching, having tough conversations, handling conflict and leading effective meetings.
  • Learn what it means to be an ethical leader and check in on your leadership development plan progress.
Wednesday, Dec. 16 -- The Next Frontier: Become a Strategic Leader
  • Polish your plan and find out how to elevate your value with strategic thinking, innovation and leading change.
  • Gain inspiration on where your next leadership opportunity may lie, including options at the MNCPA.
  • Wrap up by celebrating your success -- and committing to future leadership progress -- alongside the sponsoring partners from your firm.

Registration is now open!

Register by May 29 and receive an additional, one-on-one leadership coaching session with Jon Lokhorst (qualifies for 1 extra CPE credit).


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Leadership resources

Articles by Jon Lokhorst:



Generation who cares? 

Leadership Academy 2018 graduatesFeedback from 2018 participants

"Jon is well-educated on the topic and does an exceptional job leading the discussion."

"Jon used various effective leadership coaching methods and techniques to guide us participants in figuring out solutions to issues commonly faced by upcoming leaders. The Leadership Development Plan we created during the Leadership Academy has been helpful and is something I still review and modify regularly."

"I really liked that the Leadership Academy helped me clarify my vision and values so I could strengthen my personal foundation and gain more confidence in my work and my progress as a leader."

Register now!

Sign up by May 29 and receive an additional, one-on-one leadership coaching session with Jon Lokhorst (qualifies for 1 extra CPE credit).


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