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Certificate Programs

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Augment your career by earning a specialized certificate that helps you stay on top of accounting industry developments. The MNCPA has partnered with the AICPA to offer certificate programs that allow you to:

  • Expand your career opportunities, job skills and expertise.
  • Demonstrate competency in niche subjects.
  • Enhance your resume and improve your chances of earning a promotion or job offer.
  • Earn high-quality, on-demand CPE from providers you trust.

How it works:

  • Choose the certificate program that meets your professional development and career goals.
  • Work at your own pace to complete the on-demand modules and pass the online exams.
    • You have one year from the purchase date to complete the certificate program.
  • Once you've completed the entire program, the AICPA will email you a digital badge.
  • Display your digital badge on your website, resume, social media profiles, email signature, blog or any online space to highlight your expertise and accomplishments.

Certificate program options:

Accounting & Auditing

  • 21SI-C001: Advanced Defined Benefit Plans Audit  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C002: Advanced Defined Contribution Plans Audit  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C003: Advanced Health and Welfare Plans Audit  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C019: Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting Program  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C020: IFRS  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C021: Intermediate Employee Benefit Plans Audit  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C032: SOC for Cybersecurity  DETAILS

Financial Planning

  • 21SI-C025: Personal Financial Planning Estate Planning  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C026: Personal Financial Planning Investment Planning  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C027: Personal Financial Planning Practical Applications  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C028: Personal Financial Planning Retirement Planning  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C029: Personal Financial Planning Risk Management and Insurance Planning  DETAILS


  • 21SI-C004: Advanced Single Audit  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C022: Intermediate Single Audit  DETAILS

Information Technology

  • 21SI-C006: Blockchain Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professionals  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C009: Cybersecurity Advisory Services  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C010: Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Finance and Accounting Professionals  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C011: Cybersecurity Practical Applications  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C030: Robotic Process Automation Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professionals  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C031: Robotic Process Automation Strategy for Business Leaders  DETAILS


  • 21SI-C005: Application of Data Analysis Essentials  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C007: COSO Enterprise Risk Management  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C008: COSO Internal Control  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C012: Data Analytics Core Concept  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C013: Data Analytics Modeling  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C014: Data Visualization  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C015: Finance Transformation: Ignite Change  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C016: Finance Transformation: Manage Disruption  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C017: Finance Transformation: Transform Skills  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C018: Forecasting and Predictive Analytics  DETAILS


  • 21SI-C023: Not-for-Profit I  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C024: Not-for-Profit II  DETAILS


  • 21SI-C033: U.S. International Tax  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C034: U.S. International Tax: Inbound and Outbound  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C035: U.S. International Tax: Advanced Issues  DETAILS
  • 21SI-C036: U.S. International Tax: Core Concepts  DETAILS


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