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MNCPA Business Development Academy

Open the door to more business, more revenue and more career success.

We're working out plans for the next Business Development Academy! If you'd like to stay informed about the next offering, please contact Heidi Janssen at 952-885-5511 or


Business development resources

Check out these articles and tips to help you maximize your business development efforts.  

"Art and the BD Academy is exactly what I needed to get started in my business development role at our firm. The information is relevant, timely, and necessary for any up-and-coming CPA looking to grow. The class addresses an issue that the profession is late to pick up on, that being – how do accountants become and remain successful relationship providers in today’s business landscape." 
- Devin J. Barnas, Mowery & Schoenfeld, LLC

"I would recommend the Business Development Academy to everyone because all levels can benefit from the education and strategies." 
- 2018 MNCPA BDA attendee

"Business development is and should be a top priority of what we do every day." 
- 2018 MNCPA BDA attendee


Contact the MNCPA at 952-831-2707 or via email