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Experience Requirements for CPA Certification

Updated April 6, 2018

Gaining accounting experience is a necessary component of earning your CPA certificate. In Minnesota, you need one year of experience (2,000 hours) in addition to meeting the other requirements for becoming a CPA, including passing the CPA exam, completing 150 college credit hours, and passing the self-study ethics exam.

One year of experience can be in:

  • Public accounting
  • Industry
  • Education
  • Government

All work experience must be verified by a CPA who holds a valid certificate at the date of verification. 

Learn more about Rule 1105.2600

Can I work while sitting for the exam?

In Minnesota, work hours earned while sitting for the CPA exam can be counted towards your one year of experience. Paid internships can also be counted toward your one year of experience but unpaid internships cannot.


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CPA certification is regulated by the Minnesota Board of Accountancy (BOA). They can be reached at 651-296-7938 or online