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Education Requirements to Become a CPA

Education is the first step to becoming a CPA. Know the requirements and find a Minnesota college with an accounting program.

Education requirements
In Minnesota, the education requirements to sit for the exam differ from the education requirements to become certified. Make sure you understand the requirements.

Education requirements to take the CPA exam and earn your CPA certificate depend on the accreditation of the college or university where you get your degree.

Minnesota accounting programs
Many Minnesota colleges and universities have accounting programs that meet the requirements to earn your CPA certificate.

Accounting Program for Building the Profession (APBP) High School Educator Training
The MNCPA has partnered with the AICPA and Dr. Dan Deines, the creator of the APBP program, to help you further your higher order accounting curriculum through training in the AICPA Accounting Program for Building the Profession: Advanced High School Accounting.