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Visit Request | MNCPA Opportunities Week

Display the potential of the accounting profession to your students by having them hear from a CPA

Visitor in the classroom

More about the event

CPAs have a long commitment to serving the public good. The work they do gives the public confidence in everything from financial planning to fraud prevention to the health of schools and not-for-profit organizations. Accounting is a vital element of every business, large or small. Families, communities and governments also rely on the skills, expertise and guidance of CPAs to thrive.

Are you interested in your students hearing from a certified public accountant (CPA) about career possibilities with the CPA credential and within the accounting profession? Reach out to request an MNCPA member to visit your classroom to give a 30-minute presentation. 

Accounting Opportunities Week was Nov. 6-10, 2023.

However, the MNCPA takes requests throughout the year to have a CPA to visit your classroom. Sign up today!

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