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YPG Captain Program -
Build leadership skills and win great prizes!

Program introduction

Young Professionals Group (YPG) captains spread the word about YPG programs and events, encourage colleagues to participate and collect points toward great prizes along the way. It is a great way to build valuable leadership skills and make lasting connections. Points can be earned for attending events, encouraging peers to attend and through a variety of other ways during the year.

The captain term runs from April 1 - March 31 with the majority of events happening May to January. If you have attended many events in the past or if you are new to the YPG scene, the YPG Captain Program is a great way to take an active approach to building your career.

The top scorers at the completion of the YPG season will be awarded the following prizes:

Scorer Prize
 1st         $500 check
 2nd     $300 check
 3rd $200 check

Additional prizes will be awarded to eligible captains at selected events based on criteria specified prior to the event. 

Scoring & point logs
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Current YPG Captains
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Rules of competition

  1. Points can be earned between April 1 and March 31.  
  2. Points can only be earned at official events determined by the MNCPA. These events include: socials, educational luncheons, networking events, volunteer opportunities, etc. Only official events will be listed on the captain logs. The MNCPA reserves the right to cancel or change official events as necessary.  
  3. The MNCPA reserves the right to qualify all submitted points and may disqualify points or captains from competition if necessary.  
  4. In case of a tie, the captain who has attended and brought the most guests to YPG events will be declared the winner.  
  5. Members of the YPG Leadership Committee and those captains who have previously won a grand prize are not eligible to win, but they may participate in the program.  
  6. Points are scored based on actual attendance, not registrations. There will be no credit for registered guests who do not attend events.   
  7. A qualifying guest is defined as a person who meets the criteria needed to become an associate or CPA member. NOTE: The qualifying guest does not need to be a member, but needs to meet the criteria if they were to choose to become an MNCPA member.
  8. Guests do not need to be employed at the captain's firm.
  9. Captains do not need to be present at an event to earn points for their guests.

How to become a captain

To become a YPG captain, fill out the YPG Captain Registration Form and return it to the MNCPA membership team at Or call 952-831-2707 for more information. 

YPG Captain Welcome Lunch

New YPG captains are encouraged to attend the YPG Captain Welcome Lunch. This is an opportunity for incoming captains to get an introduction to their role and responsibilities as a YPG captain. You'll have a chance to mingle with fellow YPG captains and members of the YPG Leadership Committee all while learning how you will be a successful YPG captain and leader among your peers.

Connect with us online

MNCPA members connect with professionals who share common interests, experiences, and discover powerful new business contacts. Connect with the MNCPA and use #mncpaYPG on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share the fun.