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YPG Captain Program

Earn rewards for practicing your leadership skills!

Program introduction

Young Professionals Group (YPG) Captains earn points while exercising valuable leadership skills and making sincere connections. Points are mainly earned for attending YPG events and encouraging other qualified peers participate in the YPG. Being a YPG Captain is a great way to take an active approach to building your career network.

The YPG season runs from April 1 - March 31 with the majority of events happening between May and January. The 2024-25 YPG Captain Orientation Luncheon is on April 23, 2024 at the MNCPA office in Bloomington. 

The top point earning YPG Captains are awarded the following prizes after each season concludes:

 1st         $500 check
 2nd     $300 check
 3rd $200 check

Become a YPG Captain


  1. YPG Captains must be members of the MNCPA.
  2. To qualify for a prize, Captains must earn a minimum of 50 points between April 1 and March 31.  
  3. The MNCPA reserves the right to disqualify points or captains from competition if necessary.  
  4. The MNCPA reserves the right to cancel or change point assignments as needed.
  5. In case of a tie, the captain who brought the highest number of qualified attendees to YPG events will be the winner.  
  6. Members of the YPG Leadership Committee are not eligible to win prizes, but they may participate as captains.  
  7. Captains do not need to be present at an event to earn points.


Point values are assigned to events and accomplishments by MNCPA staff. Events and accomplishments may include, but are not limited to socials, educational luncheons, networking events, volunteer opportunities, new MNCPA memberships, social media posts, etc.
Qualified attendees are defined as potential MNCPA associate or CPA members. They do not need to be MNCPA members—they simply need to meet the criteria for becoming an MNCPA member.
Event points are earned when qualified attendee’s check-in at a YPG events.
Non-event points are earned for specific accomplishments throughout the YPG season.

How to become a captain

To become a YPG captain, fill out the YPG Captain Registration Form and return it to the MNCPA membership team at Or call 952-831-2707 for more information. 

Connect with us online

MNCPA members connect with professionals who share common interests, experiences, and discover powerful new business contacts. Connect with the MNCPA and use #mncpaYPG on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share the fun.