Special Interest Sections: Women

Who's advocating for you? And just as importantly, who are you advocating for? Both questions are easy to answer when you join the MNCPA's women-focused special interest section. 

This members-only group connects you with women from a variety of accounting backgrounds and experience levels. Build your supportive network while discussing issues and themes relevant to women in accounting roles.

Ask questions, offer answers or share resources during face-to-face, 90-minute meetings facilitated by MNCPA staff.

Upcoming meeting:

Friday, April 26    
7:30 - 9 a.m.

Brookview Golden Valley
316 Brookview Pkwy S
Golden Valley
Room: Bassett Creek South

Topic: Speed networking

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Group details:

Target demographic: women

Target industries: public accounting, business and industry, government, education

Meeting frequency: four times a year

Meeting length: 90 minutes (typically 7:30 - 9 a.m.)

Average meeting size: 30 attendees

Cost: Free and open to MNCPA members. Not a member? Let's fix that. 

Each meeting is tailored to a specific topic or theme. Examples include:

  • Sharing best practices.
  • Helping plan Candid Conversations About Women.
  • Review a technical article. 
  • Provide feedback on an MNCPA program. 
  • Discuss current hot topics. 

MNCPA Connect for women: You're in!

All members of the women’s special interest section are automatically subscribed to the women's Connect community. This is a closed community only open to those who have joined this group. You will receive a separate email asking you to opt in to Connect conversations going forward. 


Contact Anne Janotta Erickson at ajerickson@mncpa.org or 952-885-5524.