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Leadership Summit

Save the dates:

  • Oct. 20 9-11 a.m.: Leading Change (virtual)
  • Nov. 2 9-11 a.m.:   Navigating Change (virtual)
Leadership Summit is an interactive CPE event led by a Dale Carnegie Training instructor and focuses on developing leadership skills at all career levels. The best part? You earn 4 free CPE credits by attending the full session. 

What makes one organization more successful than another? Research has shown, time and again, that employees who are engaged significantly outperform work groups that aren't engaged. In the fight for competitive advantage where employees are the differentiator, engaged employees are the ultimate goal.

Only 29% of employees are fully engaged while 26% are disengaged.- Dale Carnegie and MSW Research

And employee engagement starts with your leadership. Discover new techniques and and hone your leadership skills so that you can lead your team to greater success, productivity and happiness. 

Previous Leadership Summit topics include:
  • Leading an engaged team
  • Finding your coaching style
  • Discovering your hidden strengths
  • Refining your leadership strengths
This highly interactive free CPE event that's jam-packed with opportunities to grow as a leader while growing your CPA network!

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