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Legislative Issues Committee

The Legislative Issues Committee meets approximately five times a year. They discuss and set the legislative agenda, attend MNCPA advocacy events including CPA Lobby Day, and stay current as to what is happening in the profession to and inform the committee as needed.

2018 committee members

  • John Almquist
  • Ronald Barthell
  • David Brauer
  • Michael Bromelkamp
  • Joshua Bushard
  • Michael Casserly
  • Robert Cedergren
  • Theodore Daley
  • Paul Delaney
  • Amanda Dick
  • Stephen Fischer
  • Nicholas Fitzgerald
  • Mark Giddings
  • Raymond Goertz
  • Robert Hartnett
  • Patrick Hynes
  • Tyrone Inglis
  • Kevin Kaiser
  • Joseph Kenyon
  • Carolee Lindsey
  • Ruth Ann Michnay
  • Joseph Naiberg
  • Sandy Neren
  • James Nichols
  • Carl Peterson
  • Lucas Selvig
  • Jolene Sieben
  • Kimbreley Tischer
  • Kenneth Vonderharr
  • Hui Zhu