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Legislative Issues Committee

Legislators value what CPAs have to say. Shape the debate as a member of this volunteer committee. 


  • Five meetings annually.

Role of volunteers:

  • Set the MNCPA's legislative agenda.
  • Attend advocacy events, including CPA Day at the Capitol.
  • Stay current regarding hot topics in the accounting profession.
  • Provide feedback to committee and MNCPA staff as needed.


To learn more or join this committee, please email

2022-23 Legislative Issues Committee:

  • Ronald Barthell
  • David Brauer
  • Michael Bromelkamp
  • Nicholas Creamer
  • Robert Cedergren
  • Ted Daley
  • Paul Delaney
  • Amanda Dick
  • Stephen Fischer
  • Nicholas Fitzgerald
  • Raymond Goertz
  • Robert Hartnett
  • Joseph Kenyon
  • Samantha Lang
  • Carolee Lindsey - Chair
  • Ruth Ann Michnay
  • James Nichols
  • Carl Peterson
  • Rachel Polson
  • Luke Selvig
  • Kimbreley Tischer
  • Kenneth Vonderharr
  • Jeffrey White


Email questions about this volunteer opportunity to Or call Judy Cochran at 952-885-5501.