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Technology Special Interest Section

Upcoming meeting:

No upcoming events

This MNCPA Special Interest Section is focused on technology. This group will meet quarterly to discuss a wide range of technology tips and possibily will offer demonstrations for good-to-know software.

This members-only group connects you with CPAs from a variety of accounting backgrounds and experience levels. Build your supportive network while discussing issues and themes relevant to technology in accounting roles. Whether you're an early tech adopter or someone still dabbling with the basics, there's room for you as this group takes shape.

Ask questions, offer answers or share resources during face-to-face, 60-minute meetings facilitated by MNCPA staff.

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Group details:

  • Target demographic: CPAs of varying technology experience
  • Target industries: Public accounting, business and industry, government, education
  • Meeting frequency: Four times a year
  • Meeting length: 60 minutes (typically noon–1 p.m.)
  • Average meeting size: Unknown
  • Cost: Free and open to MNCPA members. Not a member? Let's fix that. 

Each meeting is tailored to a specific topic or theme. Examples include:

  • Sharing best practices.
  • Open forum.
  • Demonstration from a vendor.
  • Provide insight for the annual MNCPA Technology Conference. 
  • Discuss current hot topics. 


Contact the MNCPA membership department at 952-831-2707 or