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List Your Company in the Accounting Employer Directory

Improve your recruitment efforts

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Benefits of listing your company

  • Provide another point of contact between you and potential employees for free.
  • Promote your company name to accounting colleges and career centers. The MNCPA actively promotes and markets the guide to members and colleges in the Midwest.
  • Improve the quality of your employment leads by letting individuals search for you on their own terms.
  • Increase your company's name recognition among prospective employees and potential clients.

Who uses the directory and how often?

Accounting professionals ranging from students to veteran CPAs use the directory to find out more about potential accounting employers. The MNCPA Accounting Employer Directory is available to all MNCPA website visitors. On average, the directory gets more than 1,700 views per month.


Your company must have at least one location in Minnesota and employ at least one MNCPA member.


Call the MNCPA with questions or concerns at 952-831-2707 or toll-free 1-800-331-4288.


Stand out by submitting a classified ad

Highlight your firm or company and any job openings by listing them in the MNCPA classified ad section. Draw more job seekers to your firm or company and show them why they should start a career at your organization. Contact Leslie Mueller at 952-885-5520 with questions about getting started.

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