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CPE Log Benefits and Features

Updated June 11, 2021

Managing your CPE doesn’t need to be complicated. Keep things simple with the CPE Log -- available exclusively to MNCPA members.

Benefits to using the CPE Log

MNCPA members appreciate the versatility of this member benefit.

The CPE Log allows you to:

  • Ensure compliance with Minnesota Board of Accountancy (BOA) CPE rules.
  • Centralize where you track your CPE.
  • Maintain CPE records between roles and employers.
  • Manage carryback credits across CPE years.
  • Store CPE documentation in one location.
  • Organize a transition to active CPA certificate status.
  • Grant firm administrators access to CPE records.

Features of the CPE Log

Dig deeper into the CPE Log’s features and functionality:

Add and edit CPE courses

MNCPA courses – including seminars, conferences and webinars – are automatically entered into your CPE Log. Take advantage of editing abilities within the CPE Log, allowing you to manage course records and save notes.

Credits earned elsewhere can be added any time. Simply supply course details, such as the delivery format, BOA approval status and appropriate CPE year.

Manage carryback hours

Easily track carryback credits within the CPE Log. Choose the CPE year you'd like the credits applied, ensuring carryback credits appear in the correct reporting year and period.

Add documentation

Store documents, such as certificates of attendance, within your CPE Log.

Review your CPE programs

The CPE Log provides a big-picture perspective of your CPE credit history, including a printable record. Potential hiccups are highlighted in red, allowing you to spot and fix noncompliance issues.

Access the BOA CPE summary

Ready to report your credits to the Minnesota BOA? The CPE Log's BOA CPE summary provides a mirror image report designed to simplify the process.

The BOA CPE summary calculates your credit totals for selected reporting periods based on entries in your CPE Log. Simply copy the values from your BOA CPE summary into the Minnesota BOA’s CPE reporting form.

Export your data

You can export your CPE Log data to Excel at any time.

What’s the difference between the CPE Log and CPE transcript?

The MNCPA transcript is the official verification of attendance and CPE credit earned at MNCPA-sponsored programs only. These programs are automatically included in your CPE Log along with non-MNCPA programs you add manually.


We're here to help! Contact the MNCPA CPE department at or 952-831-2707.

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