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MNCPA Activity Report

April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023



Message from our president and CEO

Once a year, the Minnesota Society of CPAs looks back at the contributions of members and the society’s activities that support members and the accounting profession.

The most defining event of the 2022-23 fiscal year was introducing legislation to broaden the pathways to CPA licensure. It is an important conversation given changing demographics, technology and the increasing need for CPAs across all sectors of the economy.

The MNCPA board took a courageous step after two years of discussion. Based on member feedback, evaluating risks and considering existing research, legislation was introduced to change CPA licensure requirements in Minnesota. This led to a national conversation about licensure requirements among state societies, boards of accountancy, the AICPA and NASBA.

The MNCPA had other activities and achievements in 2022-23, too, which include high school and college outreach to promote accounting careers, a tax conformity bill passing early in the 2023 legislative session, offering 20 high-quality free CPE credits, introducing new conferences and demonstrating the profession’s value through media coverage and social media.

Our communities and the accounting profession continue to evolve at an increasingly faster pace. It is an exciting time for the profession with the opportunities provided by technology. We have more information than ever before, yet more uncertainty about the future. What an interesting juxtaposition.

Professional associations serve as hubs for learning, collaboration, standard setting and driving change. They possess a unique collective power by bringing together individuals, firms and companies to drive progress.

The MNCPA will continue to communicate with members about changes impacting the profession, bring the voices of members to regulatory and legislative bodies and provide members opportunities to grow their business connections. Thank you for choosing to be an MNCPA member and please contact me with comments, suggestions or concerns as we work on your behalf.

Linda Wedul headshot

With gratitude,
Linda Wedul, MNCPA president and CEO

The MNCPA's mission

We are the professional home of 7,500 CPAs. Our purpose is to elevate our members’ impact by fostering integrity, professional growth and connection while advocating for the profession. We accomplish this by:

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    Educating accounting professionals.

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    Developing the next generation of leaders.

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    Providing tools and resources to help members succeed.

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    Advocating for the profession with students, potential clients, lawmakers and government entities.

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    Bolstering CPAs' professional reputation to employers, clients and the community at large.

Afton set up in the boardroom style

MNCPA booth at MBAC

A year to remember

The MNCPA serves as a bridge that connects accounting and finance professionals, facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences. By actively participating in the MNCPA community, you enhance your professional development, broaden your perspectives and build a strong support network that empowers you to excel in the vibrant field of accounting. There’s much to celebrate and we’re excited to share it with you in this report.

This was your year with the MNCPA.

Report Contents

  1. Working together, for tomorrow | Go
    1. Broadening the pathways to CPA licensure | Go
    2. Promoting the profession | Go
      • Accounting Opportunities Week | Go
      • Talk to the Students and BestPrep | Go
      • MNCPA Scholars Program | Go
      • College, university visits | Go
  2. New CPA exam | Go
    1. CPA exam changes and advocacy | Go
  3. State tax and business legislation | Go
    1. Expertise to legislators | Go
      • Member involvement in legislation | Go
      • Tax guide for legislators | Go
    2. Action at the Capitol | Go
      • Federal tax conformity passes in January | Go
      • Tax, other bills | Go
      • Federal conformity webinar | Go
    3. Sharing information with members | Go
  4. Developing emerging leaders | Go
    1. The Leadership Academy | Go
    2. Young Professionals Group — fun with a purpose! | Go
  5. Emerging issues | Go
    1. New and returning conferences | Go
    2. Statement on Quality Management Standards (SQMS) webinar | Go
    3. Focus Features | Go
    4. Quality, free CPE remains strong | Go
    5. Increased focus on wellness | Go
  6. Reputation building | Go
    1. MNCPA members recognized for contributions | Go
    2. Members in the media | Go
    3. CPA Stories | Go
    4. Free client brochures | Go
  7. Take action today | Go
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    2. Volunteer to get involved | Go
    3. Connect with us on social media | Go
  8. Serving you with pride | Go
  9. MNCPA 2022-23 board of directors | Go
  10. Meet the MNCPA | Go

Working together, for tomorrow

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

- Henry Ford

In today's rapidly evolving economic landscape, the importance of strengthening the accounting profession for the future cannot be overstated, with a primary focus on nurturing a robust and diverse talent pipeline.

Broadening the pathways to CPA licensure

The MNCPA introduced legislation (HF 1749 and SF 1660) in February 2023 to broaden the pathways to CPA licensure. The legislation was member-driven and advocated for and supported by the MNCPA board after years of discussion concerning the ongoing CPA pipeline concerns.

The bills are carried by Rep. John Huot, a Democrat, and Sen. Jordan Rasmusson, a Republican, respectively. While the legislation didn’t advance in the 2023 Minnesota Legislative session, the bills remain active for 2024.

The MNCPA initiative sparked national conversation — largely positive — in addressing the dearth of CPA candidates. Developments outside of Minnesota include:

  • Ongoing discussions with the AICPA, NASBA and Minnesota BOA concerning the legislation and worrying talent pipeline.
  • The AICPA and NASBA launched new initiatives examining the pipeline.
  • Numerous state societies launched  task forces to examine new pathways to credentialing.
  • Guylaine Saint Juste, the president and CEO of the National Association of Black Accountants, had an hourlong sit-down interview with Barry Melancon, AICPA CEO, talking about the talent pipeline and diversity challenges in accounting.

The profession is at a critical point. Declining high school graduation sizes, increasing demand for CPAs, increasing retirements and declining number of candidates sitting for the CPA exam are converging to severely restrict the number of CPAs who provide critical financial services and advice to communities, businesses and individuals.

MNCPA members who have a voice in hiring were surveyed concerning this CPA pipeline issue. Two key takeaways:

  • 67% say they hire college graduates with 120 credits for entry-level positions that require accounting/tax knowledge.
  • More than 50% say, historically, new hires in accounting-related roles without 150 college credits were unlikely to pursue the CPA credential.
People are taking notice of the increasing pipeline challenge and the MNCPA member-driven initiative to address it. A few highlights:

As it stands now, Minnesota CPA candidates must meet a 150-college credit requirement and have one year of work experience before becoming a licensed CPA. This legislation offers two new pathways, including one that would call for 120 college credits and two years of work experience.

To be clear: Nothing has changed. This initiative is still early in the proposal stage and candidates should plan to earn 150 college credits to earn certification.

Read more about this evolving conversation at the Broadening Pathways to CPA Licensure page.

Promoting the profession

Katie talking to Big Lake High School for Accounting Opportunities WeekAccounting Opportunities Week

In November 2022, the MNCPA joined dozens of other state societies and the AICPA to host Accounting Opportunities Week, a national effort to raise awareness of the profession with high school students.
The inaugural weeklong event was a success in Minnesota:

  • 19 MNCPA members volunteered.
  • 38 presentations given.
  • 23 schools visited.
  • 930 students reached.
 Additionally, Gov. Tim Walz proclaimed Nov. 7-11 as Accounting Opportunities Week!

Talk to the Students and BestPrep

Similar to Accounting Opportunities Week, our Talk to the Students program connects members with classrooms throughout the school year to engage students about the possibilities within the accounting profession. Last year:
  • 250 students reached.
  • 18 presentations given.
  • 9 MNCPA members volunteered.

The MNCPA collaborates with the nonprofit BestPrep, which, similarly, sends professionals to middle and high schools throughout the state, but with the focus on personal finance topics.

High school students

MNCPA Scholars Program

The MNCPA continues to work with wonderful member volunteers and sponsoring firms to connect with underrepresented minority high school students and introduce them to exciting opportunities within the accounting profession. Last year, the MNCPA Scholars Program included nine students throughout the greater Twin Cities area.

"I truly enjoyed every aspect of being a mentor in the MNCPA Scholars Program! It was a meaningful way to have an impact and start building up the next generation of CPAs!” — Drew Moyer, MNCPA member and mentor

“My favorite memory of mentoring this year was the culminating event when my mentee came to the Mahoney office for job shadowing. We created opportunities for the scholar to meet with various people in different areas and levels around the firm, as well as some one-on-one time reflecting on the year and to visit together. It was exciting to see and hear how their perspective on the field had changed and opened over the course of the year. At the end of the day, they even told one of our interns that they were seriously considering accounting as a major in college next year. That was a shift from the beginning of the year and I was grateful to be a part of that process of exposing them to the profession!” — Hannah Nelson, MNCPA member and mentor
Collage of photos of scholars and their mentors at various events throughout the year.Thank you to the mentors:

  • Brady Banken, CliftonLarsonAllenLLP
  • Stephanie Coghlan, RSM US LLP
  • Katie Ganfield, Abdo, LLP
  • Christian Linhardt, RSM US LLP
  • Drew Moyer, Deloitte LLP
  • Hannah Nelson, Mahoney
  • Mike Poch, Deloitte Tax LLP
  • Laura Struder, Emerson Electric Co.
  • Anne Wyre, Ernst & Young LLP
Thank you to the sponsoring firms:
  • Abdo, LLP
  • Baker Tilly US, LLP
  • Boulay
  • Deloitte LLP
  • Eide Bailly LLP
  • EisnerAmper
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • Mahoney
  • Wipfli LLP

Students at St. John'sCollege, university visits

Increased outreach to Minnesota’s colleges and universities remains a priority for the MNCPA. Last year, MNCPA staff gave 24 presentations to accounting classes and clubs, sharing information about the CPA exam, forthcoming changes to the exam and the importance of earning the CPA credential.


New CPA Exam

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

- Helen Keller

Accounting is always in a constant state of change, and we’re in the midst of some big adjustments right now. The MNCPA continues to engage in conversations with stakeholders and roll out communication about how to best prepare and execute changes affecting the profession, as well as advocate for policies and oversight that protects the interest of the profession and those in it and considering joining it.

CPA exam changes and advocacy

CPA exam changes landing page screenshotThe MNCPA launched a multifaceted digital and print awareness campaign regarding the new CPA exam launching in January 2024.

The new CPA licensure model requires CPA candidates to be knowledgeable in accounting, auditing and tax. These sections remain as core, required subjects. Additionally, candidates must pass one of three focused discipline exams: Information Systems and Technology, Business Analytics and Reporting, or Tax Compliance and Planning. Technology acumen will be part of each section.

The MNCPA has:

  • Communicated exam changes, transition timeline and key deadlines for current candidates and new candidates. Our membership team presented exam information at firms and colleges. Candidates and mentors are encouraged to review the CPA exam transition resource page.
  • Advocated with the BOA to adopt a one-time automatic extension of 18 months for all existing exam scores in January 2024 when the new exam launches. The BOA approved this rule.
  • Advised current candidates with expiring exam scores to request an extension to the score expiration date. The BOA will approve requests for score extensions in select circumstances. Medical, family, changes in workloads due to new regulations or deadlines are considered. Candidates should reach out to the MNCPA for information advice on this option.
  • Advocated for a permanent expansion of the conditional exam score window from 18 months to 36 months. This is ongoing and could take more than a year to implement, if approved. This is still in process and candidates should currently plan on the 18-month window.

State Tax and Business Legislation

“In a world of algorithms, hashtags and followers, know the true importance of human connection.”

- Simi Fromen

We strongly believe in advocating for the accounting profession and the interests of our members. Throughout the year, MNCPA members and staff have engaged with lawmakers and government entities, voicing our concerns and advocating for policies that support the profession. Our efforts have resulted in increased awareness and recognition of the vital role CPAs play in our economy and strengthening our members' reconnection with the broader professional community.

Expertise to legislators

Member involvement in legislation

MNCPA members play a significant role in drafting, reviewing and advocating for legislation, both directly with legislators and through testifying at the Minnesota Capitol. Following the 2022 elections, about one-third of the 201 Minnesota legislators were new to the Capitol, which means both an opportunity to establish new relationships and opportunity to showcase the strength of CPAs.
It’s imperative for MNCPA members to share their knowledge and expertise to help influence policy, and the MNCPA has been fortunate to have strong contributing members for many years. Your influence happens in small and big moments alike.
Of the bills introduced in the 2023 legislative session:

  • 1,153 included the word tax in them.
  • 310 included the word audit in them.
  • 79 included either CPA or certified public accountant in them.

 Your collaboration and advocacy help us better understand the potential of proposed legislation. Member voices in the process make all the difference.

Tax Guide coverTax guide for legislators

A likely lesser-known effort carried out by the MNCPA is the annual tax guide for legislators, informing lawmakers of how tax provisions may affect their situation. This guide is printed every other year at the beginning of the new biennium and it offers a great touch point for us to strengthen our relationships with returning legislators and get facetime with new folks.
We thank Olsen Thielen & Co. for their ongoing support in creating this important tax guide.


Action at the Capitol

Federal tax conformity passes in January

“I thought it was a prank.”
When longtime MNCPA member Carolee Lindsey, chair of the MNCPA Legislative Issues Committee and Political Action Committee, heard Gov. Tim Walz was signing a federal tax conformity bill in the first two weeks of the new session, she didn’t believe it.
It was a January to remember. The efforts to connect with legislators over months and years, to lobby for the issues that matter to CPAs and those they represent, and to help decision-makers understand the implication of their action — or inaction — paid dividends in 2023.
As often said: It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The signing of federal tax conformity legislative by Gov. Tim Walz

Tax, other bills

Throughout the 2022 and 2023 legislative sessions, the MNCPA and its members worked hard to help craft legislation. In 2022, after gridlock at the Capitol, a lot of work put into that tax bill didn’t ultimately make it into law.
In 2023, though, many MNCPA members, including Dan Kidney and Todd Koch, helped influence final bills by direct conversations with legislators and through testimony. MNCPA input was heard on these bills, among others:
  • The pass-through entity tax bill.
  • The single member LLC tax treatment bill.
  • The estate tax bill.
  • The adult-use cannabis bill.

Federal conformity webinar

Nothing gets people in a (virtual) room like federal tax conformity. Following January’s passage of the conformity law, the MNCPA welcomed nearly 450 attendees to MNCPA member and speaker Dan Kidney’s webinar breaking down the changes. Questions abounded, and Dan made himself available to attendees by answering all their questions post-webinar by replying via email with a Q&A sheet.

Sharing information with members

screenshot of webinar in progressDuring the Minnesota legislative session, Geno Fragnito, the MNCPA director of government relations, holds every other week recaps and discussions about the ongoing news and efforts at the Capitol.
Legislative Digest Live (virtual) allows members to ask questions of Geno, as well as provides an opportunity for members to listen and ask questions directly and regularly to legislative leaders like Paul Marquart, the Minnesota Department of Revenue commissioner.
Other ways the MNCPA reaches members with tax and other government-related changes:

  • The annual Tax Conference.
    • A session hosted by the DOR covering law changes.
    • A legislative update provided by Geno and Linda Wedul, MNCPA president and CEO.
  • Minnesota Tax Update webinars.
  • Through MNCPA Perspectives, our blog.

Developing Emerging Leaders

“When two people meet, each one is changed by the other so you’ve got two new people.”

- John Steinbeck

Humans are social animals. We benefit from coming together. Certainly, the MNCPA offers many ways for members to come together for education, committees and recognition. But, sometimes, the focus just needs to be connection, fun and growth. We’re pleased to be the connecting point for many CPAs to help expand their circle of friends, challenge themselves and to build relationships that will last for decades to come.

The Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy attendeesThe Leadership Academy returned in 2022 with a great showing, increasing to 17 participants from six in its initial year. Speaker and trainer Jon Lokhorst took a deep dive with members over the multiweek program to help develop them into their organizations' next strong leaders.
There’s no secret solution to the challenges facing CPAs today. But there is one key area that plays a major role in employee retention and satisfaction — leadership development. Keep an eye out for this opportunity in the future.

Young Professionals Group — fun with a purpose!

The YPG continued to come together last year, participating in many fun and memorable events. Attendees relished the opportunity for the in-person gathering to rekindle relationships and start many anew.
Among them:

  • Puppies and Pints, a charitable event held at a Twin Cities brewery.
  • Books and Beers with Boz, a chance to hear from Boz Bostrom, a CPA who serves on the MNCPA board, teaches and is a published author.
  • Jack-O-Lantern Spooktacular, a fun, festive event held at the Minnesota Zoo.
young professionals at the Minnesota Zoo and Puppies & Pints

Emerging Issues

“This is the power of gathering: It inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful. In a word, more alive.”

- Alice Waters

Education is a cornerstone of professional growth. Throughout the year, we have organized and delivered high-quality educational programs and courses, equipping our members with the latest knowledge and skills. Our education initiatives have been well-received and have facilitated reconnections among professionals in the field.

New and returning conferences

Conference attendeesIn a collaboration with the Iowa Society of CPAs, the MNCPA hosted the Agriculture Tax & Accounting Conference last year. We’ve long heard from members about the need for an event like this, which supplements our Farm Tax Update. This online conference was promoted by another 11 state societies and we had more than 320 registrations, helping members who serve the farm industry.
After a six-year hiatus, we welcomed back the Audits of Lawful Gambling Conference last year, which had been strongly requested by members. MNCPA members Julie Richardson (Landon C. Scott, PLLC), Molly Shaffer (Abdo, LLP) and Val Giefer-Fossa (Schlenner Wenner & Co.) were instrumental in selecting content and developing materials for the conference. Good news: The conference returns Sept. 21 — both in person and virtual!

Statement on Quality Management Standards (SQMS) webinar

Significant changes are coming to the system of quality management after new standards were approved by the AICPA Auditing Standards Board in May 2022. These changes apply to all firms performing any engagement included in a firm's accounting and auditing practice.

Faye Hayhurst, the MNCPA’s director of finance and administration, led a free webinar about the standards after they were finalized. Nearly 150 members attended, where they learned about the first steps to implementing the standard, which is effective in 2025 and will affect every firm that provides audit and attest work. The MNCPA will continue to provide new information to prepare firms to meet this requirement.

Focus Features

Focus features landing page screenshotThe MNCPA continues to grow its editorial offerings to members. In addition to our premier publication, Footnote, This Just In and online articles, we launched Focus Features, a new series that hones in on one topic with multiple articles. You can expect to see these pop up sporadically.

Read the first Focus Features on emerging technologies right now!


Quality, free CPE remains strong

The MNCPA is committed to offering members a minimum of 20 free CPE credits every year. In the past year, some of the most popular offerings focused on holding effective meetings, managing remote employees, and nutrition know-hows for CPAs. A quick look at last year’s offerings:

  • 16 free CPE events were held, with mostly 1-credit offerings and a mix of some 2-credit events.
  • A total of 3,822 free CPE credits were earned last year!
  • An average rating of 4.63 for the presenter knowledge.
  • An average rating of 4.49 for the presenter’s presentation skills.
“This was a great session with practical, useful tips!” — MNCPA member Kris B.
“The content was really great!” — MNCPA member Stacy M.
“This was an interesting discussion to make me think more about decision-making.” — MNCPA member Laura P.

Increased focus on wellness

Wellness resources landing page screenshotEveryone needs a little extra support these past few years. While the MNCPA has always offered opportunities to help improve yourself and those around you, whether it be related to mental health, addiction, burnout and the like, we heard from members loud and clear about the need for additional resources.

  • In the past year, we launched a Wellness Resources page, which includes articles, webinars (archived and upcoming) and information about the #CPAstrong hashtag for people’s Pelotons. Also, the MNCPA launched its initial six-week Step Challenge, which was a rousing success with 23 teams participating.
    • Winners were DeAnna Leseman (individual), Hoffman & Puffing (2-10 participants) and S(tep)DK CPAs (11-20 participants). In total, more than 30 million steps were tracked, with DeAnne accumulating 1.4 million by herself! Well done!
  • The wellness webinars, in particular, were very popular among members. The topics were, “The Value of Personal Resilience: What Accountants Need to Know,” and, “Finding a Healthy Balance: Nutrition Know-How,” which was later turned into a MNCPA Perspectives blog.

Reputation Building

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

- John Lennon

Reputation is paramount to CPAs. The MNCPA works around the clock to help not only maintain your reputation, but to enhance it through recognition, public relations and media placement. Now, more than ever, public protection is in the minds of many, and CPAs are a critical component in preserving it.

MNCPA members recognized for contributions

The MNCPA doesn’t exist without its members. For nearly 120 years, members have propelled this organization forward to meet the moment. The MNCPA recognized 11 individuals for their accomplishments and contributions to the betterment of the MNCPA community and profession at large. Additionally, six members received the Legacy Award for their lifelong commitment to the MNCPA and accounting profession.

  • Chris Piché, recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.
  • Dan Kidney, recipient of the Excellence in Professional Development Award.
  • Michelle Hoffman, recipient of the Volunteer Excellence Award.
  • Kris Blackburn, recipient of the Volunteer Excellence Award.
  • Cindy Wrecza, recipient of the Volunteer Excellence Award.
  • Mike Crabtree, recipient of the Volunteer Excellence Award.
  • Joy Shealer Olson, recipient of the Outstanding Contributor Award.
  • Julie Richardson, Molly Schaffer and Val Giefer-Fossa (as a group), recipients of the Outstanding Contributor Award.
  • Eve Borenstein, recipient of the Friend of the Profession Award. 

 The 2023 Legacy Award winners are Barbara Beltrand, Tom Boehme, Carolee Lindsey, Tom Margarit, Doug Nesbit and Bob Sannerud. The Legacy Award includes lifetime membership.

Combined, these six individuals have 222 years of MNCPA membership — an average of 37 years for each of them. Together, they’ve served on more than 80 committees, including the MNCPA board of directors, multiple conference and education task forces, and a number of groups that are no longer active!

They’ve served as chairs, vice chairs, treasurers and peer reviewers. Their incredible service to the MNCPA dates back as early as 1984 and continues today.

Members in the media

MNCPA members, who go through annual media spokesperson training, continue to hit the media circuit, being interviewed for TV, radio and articles. Last year, MNCPA members were placed dozens of times, both for state-specific issues, as well as for the CPA pathways initiative.

Members were interviewed by these outlets:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Accounting Today
  • Scripp News
  • Twin Cities Business
  • KARE 11
  • MarketWatch
  • MPR News
  • CBS Minnesota
  • Star Tribune
  • FOX 9
  • WCCO Radio
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal
  • Financial Advisor

Every time a CPA is interviewed, it helps strengthen the trust between the public and the profession, knowing that hard-working, educated people are CPAs. It also positions CPAs as the go-to resource for the media.

CPA Stories

People are inherently curious. We also like to celebrate one another. So, we brought those two ideas together and launched CPA Stories, a monthly profile series showcasing how members use their CPA credential to benefit their communities.

These profiles routinely receive the most clicks when shared in our newsletters and they are passed around and celebrated on social media by other MNCPA members. It’s rewarding to see members take such an interest in each other’s stories! This section of our website continues to grow in interest and views as we add more stories, so be on the lookout each month for the newest profile.

Free client brochures

Free client brochure coversMNCPA members continue to have access to free client brochures every fall to use with current and potential clients.

Last year, you and other MNCPA members requested more than 11,000 brochures that explained tax preparation and planning, estate planning and client accounting services. Members were able to request as many as 100 free brochures of each topic and have them mailed to them for free!



Take Action Today

Volunteer to get involved

Now is always the best time to volunteer with the MNCPA. Commitments vary in length and programs, so check out your options today to help your fellow CPAs, the public or students.


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Serving You With Pride

MBAC22 members speaking at panel

Panelists at MBAC22

Members are the lifeblood of the MNCPA, the driving force behind our mission to enhance and elevate the accounting profession.

Your active participation, engagement and collaboration within the MNCPA plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry. By connecting with one another, you foster a sense of camaraderie, share knowledge and exchange valuable insights, thereby collectively strengthening the profession as a whole.

This interconnectedness not only encourages professional growth but also cultivates a supportive community that champions innovation and excellence. Through your unwavering dedication and collaboration, MNCPA members demonstrate the power of unity, underscoring the vital importance of your role in advancing the accounting field and those you serve.

MNCPA 2022-23 Board of Directors


Chair: Charles Esler, Hennepin Healthcare
Chair-elect: Bob Cedergren, Wipfli LLP
Vice chair: Cameron Edgar, CPA, RSM US LLP
Treasurer: Kara Hanson, St. Croix Hospice
Secretary: Jerry Reutzel, Boeckermann, Grafstrom & Mayer, LLP
Past chair: Katie Gabriel, Salo, a Korn Ferry company


Boz Bostrom, College of St. Benedict & St. John's University
David Brauer, CPA, Lurie LLP
Sara DeRoo, Christianson PLLP
Mandy Dick, Glorvigen, Tierney & Co PLLP
Jerry Lee, Lee Financial Group
Stephanie Markert, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Lisa Miller, Colle McVoy
Eric O’Link, CPA, Anderson Dahlen Inc.
Matt Svendsen, Pohlad Companies
Shauna Zwart, Deloitte LLP

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Professional Education
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    Director of Education
  • Heidi Janssen
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