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About Our Staff

The MNCPA employee roster includes more than 25 talented individuals. About one-third of our staff works directly on planning CPE and member programs. Behind the scenes, our graphic designer, magazine editor, tech guru, website programmer, staff accountant, lobbyist and others keep the MNCPA running smoothly.

MNCPA at work and at play

On a busy day, staff answer more than 150 phone calls from members and customers.

The average staff member commutes 15 miles to our Bloomington office. One unfortunate staff member commutes 51 miles each way, while two others have an enviable 2-mile commute.

Oh no! Nineteen staff members have locked their keys in their cars.

People love working at the MNCPA. On average, staff members have worked here for more than 10 years.

Among the first video games played by staffers were Pac-Man, Pong and Super Mario Brothers.

Breakroom treats are a fact of life at the MNCPA. Sixteen staffers have at some point resolved to stop eating the treats. Fifteen later broke that resolution.

English, naturally, is the most common language spoken by staff members (all of them). But there are also various levels of skill in Spanish, French, German and Khmer.

On average, MNCPA employees have visited 26 states!

In all that traveling, staff members have crossed paths with many celebrities, including Patrick Swayze, Debbie Gibson, Shaun Cassidy, Chuck Foreman, Bill Murray, Ben Stein, Louie Anderson, Little Richard Roseanne Barr, Tracy Chapman, Pauly Shore, Jerry Springer, Weird Al, and Penn & Teller. No, we can’t get you tickets to see any of them.

50 percent of staff untie their shoes before taking them off.

Clarinet, saxophone, flute, French horn, trumpet, guitar, harmonica, recorder, pipe organ, banjo, mandolin and bass are all instruments staff can play. Eleven staffers say they can play piano.

All things accounting

One MNCPA staff member is a CPA. Three staffers majored in accounting, while 16 have taken at least one accounting course.

50 percent of staff have a CPA do their taxes. We trust that the others are doing their own returns.

Four staff members have dated a CPA, while two are actually married to one.

Altogether, MNCPA staff have 41 children. One is a CPA.

Four staff members have a CPA in their extended family, including a sister, brother, cousin, sister-in-law and step-grandmother.

Great debates

We pitted our staff against each other in some classic debates.

Is it called soda or pop?
Soda 7
Pop 16
Either one 3
Sodapop 1
Duck, duck ...
Gray duck 22
Goose 4
Cluck, cluck (your guess is as good as ours) 1
Coke or Pepsi?
Coke 22
Pepsi 3
Both 1
Neither 1
Coffee or tea?  
 Coffee  17
 Tea  4
 Neither  4
 Both  2
The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
Beatles 15
Stones 9
Both 1
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
Harry Potter 13
Lord of the Rings 5
Vikings or Packers?  
Vikings 20
Packers 4
Neither 2
Into work early or stay late?
Early 17
Late 6
Both 4
Cat or dog person?
Cat person 10
Dog person 13
Both 7
Cabin or beach?
Cabin 15
Beach 12