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How is your membership data used?

Member directory

Your firm address information will be included in the online member directory, which is only available to members. Home address or phone numbers are never posted anywhere on the MNCPA website, unless you specify your home address as your place of business.
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MNCPA Accounting Firm Yellow Pages

All public accounting firms will have their address and main phone numbers included in the MNCPA Accounting Firm Yellow Pages. This is a free listing and provides additional web exposure to potential clients.

If you are a sole practitioner, you can request that your firm not be included by contacting the MNCPA membership department at or 952-831-2707.

MNCPA partners

MNCPA partners with selected vendors to offer discounted pricing and special product offers to members. These vendors support member programs and reduce member dues. Promotional mailings are periodically sent to members regarding these special offers.

The MNCPA sells mailing lists to companies who provide relevant products or services to the accounting profession. All mailing lists are for single use, and only member work addresses are provided. A member who has opted-out of third party mailings will be excluded from any mailing list request. Vendors must complete a mailing label purchase request and submit a sample mailing. Applications are reviewed and evaluated based on quality, relevance, past MNCPA experience with vendor and demonstration of direct mail best practices. Email addresses are never sold to third-party vendors.

Opt-out of third party mailings by updating your member record or contacting the MNCPA membership department at or 952-831-2707.

Optional directories

Firms and industry employers can chose to list their business in the following directories:

Employer research guide
Used by individuals searching for information on accounting employers.
Cost: Free
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Directory of registered peer review firms
Used by CPA firms looking for a peer reviewer.
Cost: Free
» To sign up, contact peer review at 952-831-2707 or by email.

Government Auditor Directory
Used by local governments and school districts to find an audit firm.
Cost: Free
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