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Elevating Minnesota CPAs

New MNCPA logo revealed

Good news: We have a new coat of paint — and we're thrilled to share why and how.

After more than 30 years since our last logo redesign, we decided to refresh and strengthen our brand with one that reflects the growing changes of today's financial landscape as well as our resiliency, innovation, values and creativity. We wanted to showcase our organization's longevity, experience and adaptability with a fresh perspective for how we present ourselves and connect with members. And most importantly, we wanted a logo that lets members know they belong.

The process

We worked with the MNCPA board of directors, members and a creative agency to complete this reimaging. Together, we identified key differentiators and value drivers that created the foundation of our refreshed brand and highlighted the evolution. 

Our value drivers

Our value drivers serve as our guiding principles for what we do every day to lead the MNCPA and the accounting profession forward.


    We keep you connected

    We are a community of professionals who are looking to build a network that can serve as a source for knowledge sharing and support at every stage of your career. We believe each of us is stronger when we support one another.


    We support your success

    Whether you're starting out or you want to advance your career, the MNCPA offers experiences and support to build your knowledge, expand your skills, learn from thought leaders and achieve more than you ever thought possible.


    We maintain a high standard

    At the MNCPA, members set the standard for excellence in the accounting profession. Cultivating the knowledge and skills to navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow — leading by example. And delivering your best, knowing nothing less will do.


    We lead the way forward

    We advocate for finance and accounting professionals and the critical role they play in our prosperity. When opportunities arise to elevate the accounting profession, we work to inspire confidence and earn trust, so we can all continue to thrive.

The logo

The new MNCPA logo features our acronym in lowercase, curved letters in a clean typeface. This gives it a modern, approachable and welcoming feel. The arrow icon is a callback to the trees from our previous logo. This added element represents the upward momentum and success that results from working together toward a common goal, a key component of our values. It also dovetails nicely with our new tagline, “Elevate your impact.”

logo specs

The tagline

Elevate your impact reflects the value we bring to members who want to make a difference. It invites members — current and potential — to consider their roles in how they not only represent MNCPA externally but also how they perceive themselves as financial professionals as they grow their career. Known for excellence and knowledge, we want the MNCPA to continue to be perceived as a trusted, well-respected organization for decades to come.

The colors

We bridged the gap between the original green and blue colors of our palette by giving them a modern twist. These colors still represent the core facets of our brand: The green represents our continuous growth while the blue conveys trust, knowledge and excellence. These colors also symbolize the trees and water of Minnesota, serving as a connection to our community and our commitment to the people in the regions we serve. 

MNCPA brand colors

Our brand story

Side by side, we move forward into the future — together.

We believe that success is not measured by numbers alone.
That a meaningful career is more than the sum of its parts.
And that being part of a strong network makes all the difference.

We are a community committed to lifelong learning.
Professional excellence. Knowledge sharing. And collaboration.
We share your passion. And together, we lead the way forward.

We build reputations on a foundation of excellence.
Inspire confidence. Earn trust. And expand our horizons.
We work to a higher standard, knowing nothing less will do.

We support your success.
Which leads to strong businesses and families.
And resilient communities that thrive.

As a member, you are more than a number.
Your career and your contributions matter.
And you make a difference.

We are the MNCPA. Together, we elevate your impact.

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