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Sponsored eNews Articles

Feature your product or service by including a company-written article in one of our e-newsletters. The MNCPA communicates monthly with firm administrators from CPA firms and quarterly with accounting educators from Minnesota universities and colleges.

E-newsletter Frequency Audience Approximate Subscribers
This Just In - Read sample* Daily MNCPA member subscribers - general membership 4,500
Firm Administrator Bulletin - Read sample Monthly Accounting practice firm administrators 259
Accounting Educator eNews - Read sample 3-4x per year Minnesota college and university educators 200

Advertising rates:

  • $300 per monthly email
  • $500 sponsored content
*Advertising rates for This Just In can be found here.

e-Newsletter statistics

  • 28% of e-newsletters are opened
  • 99% of e-newsletters are delivered

Ad specifications

  • Article title
  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Brief description of the article
  • Link/URL to the article

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Leslie Mueller
Strategic Partnership Specialist