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Empathy: A powerful business construct [MNCPA]
Dr. Shannon Rogers explains how she is eliciting loyalty with data-driven, empathetic user experiences.

Estate tax planning for uncertain times [MNCPA]
One matter is clear during these uncertain times: It’s the golden age of gifting. Advise clients to take advantage of these estate tax planning strategies before it’s too late.

When changing process hits a bump
Executing change is not always easy and there are bound to be bumps along the way, but with the right guardrails and mindset going into your change you can find success with your team.

3 questions every business owner needs to address in their succession plan
When it comes to succession planning, most business owners probably realize there are many important factors at play. But what exactly do they need to address during the process?

Gather client experience data through effective interviews
Ask enough people about their expectations, and you can identify some universal themes about why they choose you. However, surveys can only do so much.

5 ways CPAs can help their clients with bankruptcy
Recent economic challenges have caused a rise in bankruptcy cases. Besides lawyers, CPAs are also handling an increasing number of bankruptcy cases and have an important role in advising clients.

Benchmarking as a service in CAAS practice
Benchmarking services empower our clients with the knowledge necessary to make strategic business decisions, and as their trusted advisers, we can help our clients achieve growth and improve profitability.

MNCPA Employee Benefit Plan Task Force findings [MNCPA]
Reporting investments and fair value disclosures prove to be an ongoing challenge.

MNCPA General Industry Task Force recap [MNCPA]
The task force is a group of MNCPA members who annually assist firms with improving the quality of their financial reporting.

How to determine if a Recovery Startup Business qualifies for the Employee Retention Credit
It is recommended that a taxpayer who began carrying on a trade or business after Feb. 15, 2020 examine their gross receipts to see if they meet the requirements to be considered an RSB. The credit available for those who qualify as an RSB can be significant.

Your client is interested in an ESOP: Why do they need a feasibility study?
An ESOP can be a great way for a business owner to transition their business and give back to their employees, but it’s not ideal for everyone. Before you move forward, it’s wise to crunch some numbers to make sure it is a viable option.

Legacy and groceries:
After you retire, do you plan to eat or to buy groceries? If you answered yes, you may want to consider an ESOP.

Impact of pending reconciliation bill on Section 179D energy efficient commercial buildings
Companies should be making plans now in anticipation of these new provisions going into effect for buildings placed into service after Dec. 31, 2021.

ASC 842, GASB 87 implementation are here [MNCPA]
With the many new processes, controls and accounts needed to ensure proper oversight of lease accounting, entities should wait no longer to begin the adoption process.

Minnesota’s pass-through entity tax credit [MNCPA]
It’s time to determine whether eligible partnerships and S Corporations will elect to pay the state’s PTE tax for 2021.

Nuts and bolts of cryptocurrency taxation [MNCPA]
The inclusion of the virtual currency question on the front and center of Form 1040 have made cryptocurrency a subject that tax practitioners cannot afford to ignore anymore.

The status of SAS 134, 135, 136 and beyond
SAS 134–140 will take effect for audits of financial statements for periods ending on or after Dec. 15, 2021. Here’s what you need to know.

An overview of Medicare and its application to choice-of-entity planning considerations [MNCPA]
With new businesses forming in record numbers, the choice of entity decision-making process should consider Medicare in addition to all other factors.

Complexity and rapid rates of change — CPAs know both [MNCPA]
Who better than a CPA to serve as a subject-matter expert and influence decision-makers, while also building your sphere of influence and growing your professional network?

Creditworthiness verifications and PPP loans
CPA firms receiving requests from lenders for creditworthiness verifications for clients who had requested Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans were often unsure of how to respond.

Malpractice risks increase during difficult economic times
In light of the current economic challenges, CPAs will need to be prepared and vigilant to minimize the potential for additional liability exposures.

Recognizing the signs of elder abuse
It is important to know the warning signs of elder financial abuse and what you can do to act on behalf of your clients when necessary.

My client asked me about an ESOP; what do I need to know?
Employee stock ownership plans may be the right business succession tool for your clients who are nearing retirement. Hillary Hughes shares important facts about ESOPs.

Minnesota resident trust law update [MNCPA]
The Fielding result may influence a broader and more fact- and circumstances-based test in determining whether a trust is subject to Minnesota tax.

Client centricity leads to profitability
Becoming client centric requires an investment in training and retooling, but the return on your investment will be immediate and significant.

The 10 biggest myths (missed opportunities) with the Employee Retention Credit
Many CPAs are not fully understanding the nuances and complexities of this expanded law.

Business Perspective: Salo [MNCPA]
Crises are nothing new for career consultants. After all, organizations often bring in consultants when they have big, hairy, complicated problems to solve and little time to solve them.

Outsourcing tax services — a valuable option in the age of disruption [MNCPA]
As you decipher the disruptions of tax reform, consider outsourcing your tax function to trusted tax advisers who can add value and help you navigate the powerful storm generated by new tax law.

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