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3 ways to improve digital marketing campaigns

By Christine Nelson, Ingenuity Marketing Group, LLC

Now that more firms are exploring and launching digital marketing activities, let’s look at three ways to help CPAs get real digital leads.
Up to this point, your firm has probably relied heavily on networking and referrals to attract new business. This strategy had to change significantly in 2020. To compensate for remote work and little to no in-person contact for 12 months (or more), firms are using digital tactics that range from webinars and video marketing to digital ad campaigns. 
Seeing results in actual leads and business conversations, however, requires some troubleshooting before it starts to pay off. There are three areas where digital marketing can hit a roadblock: the invitation, the offer and the follow-up.

1. The invitation must be irresistible

Leads will click on digital ads, emails and social media posts when those channels promise something intriguing or interesting for the viewer. You need to put some craft into your message or invitation.
Identify and write about a clear pain, problem or desire that gets to the heart of your audience’s needs. A great example of intriguing information is the guidance that business owners craved about their Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. Some CPA firms attracted new leads by coming out first with timely information through social media and eblasts — drawing hungry business owners and organizations to the valuable information on their websites.

2. The offer requires interaction

If visitors click on a social post, an ad or a video and then bounce away after viewing it, it’s not really a lead. Another link in successful digital marketing is the offer.
Attract visitors to your website. That’s good. Get them to take action. That’s better. Look at your campaigns and make sure that you are offering a second step: something they can download, sign up for or attend. These resources nurture interest and keep people engaged with your firm.
In the previous PPP loan example, firms that offered webinars or guides about recent legislation and funding were much more successful connecting with potential clients in the virtual environment. The lead left an email or signed up for a webinar. The firm gained an opportunity to connect one-on-one and ultimately add those new clients.

3. The follow-up is essential

Let’s say your digital campaign is successful at bringing more leads to your website and getting them to take some action. They signed up for a webinar or started getting your newsletter — or they downloaded a report. Your next step can be the most challenging: the follow-up “conversation.”  
Bring your digital marketing campaigns full circle with a follow-up component. It could be an email from the appropriate partner to connect on LinkedIn and stay in touch. It could be an opt-in notification for future topical webinars. It might also be a short survey at the end of an event to identify other information you can share with them. These are just a few ways to reach out and keep the digital conversation going.
Rather than asking your website visitors to contact your firm, offer them something of value to read, watch or consider. Then follow up with a friendly offer of more information or guidance. Your firm is a resource, and digital marketing is all about positioning your firm as the best resource. You can persuade people to have a conversation — online or eventually in person.
Traditional marketing activities will return, but digital leads are out there to attract now. Be the firm that gets them.
Christine Nelson is a lead communications consultant with Ingenuity Marketing Group, LLC, St. Paul,