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CPAs do good deeds — lots of them

April 21, 2023  |  Corey Butler

CPAs do good deeds — lots of them CPAs are many things. Being one yourself and belonging to this wonderful profession, you know this.

But sometimes others don’t. It’s easy for the average person to chock up an accountant or CPA to a stereotype projected for decades in popular culture. No more.

Last year, the MNCPA started a project to highlight all the positive, altruistic efforts made by members through their work, their volunteerism and in their communities. CPA Stories was born.

In the past year, we’ve posted — roughly monthly — a new profile of an MNCPA member and how, with the expertise that comes along with the CPA credential, they have contributed to their respective communities. This new section of the website has been a huge hit, owing to the fact that we, as people, are naturally curious about our peers! You’ve likely seen these shared in This Just In, the MNCPA’s daily e-newsletter.

It’s great that MNCPA members have shown so much interest in your colleagues, and we’ve also built — and will continue to build — a section of our website, accessible to the public, to showcase how CPAs make a difference in every facet of our lives.

From navigating food and beverage businesses through the challenges of a pandemic to volunteering countless hours with the MNCPA and elsewhere, and from making an impact on the state and national conversation around standards and regulations to influencing the next generation of CPAs, MNCPA members do it all. And those are just from the first 11 profiles.

Here’s a look at the profiles published to the MNCPA website thus far:

Know a good candidate?

If you know a member who exemplifies all that is good with the CPA credential, please send their name to me at for consideration to be profiled. In the meantime, keep doing good deeds!

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Corey Butler

Corey Butler is the MNCPA communications manager, working to enhance the professional reputations of members through content, media relations and public affairs. He's been with the MNCPA since 2013. Corey keeps busy outside of the MNCPA spending time with his wife and children, serving on his local school board, volunteering in his community and catching up on long-lost hobbies. Corey enjoys the works of John Steinbeck and Rankin/Bass Productions, and Paul Bunyan, Robin Hood and Santa Claus lore. You may reach him at 952-885-5530 or

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