Filling the gap: Providing broader services to our senior clients [MNCPA]
A simple change to provide additional services to these individuals would be a sweet spot for CPAs because most other professionals (legal and investment firms) are not able to do so.

The new gig(s) in town [MNCPA]
CPAs specializing in personal income tax preparation are seeing more and more small (and not so small) Schedule C’s as the “gig economy” strengthens.

The secret to closing more business without actually selling [MNCPA]
It’s not about what you say; it’s about the questions you ask.

The lease standard is delayed: Next steps for CPA firms and their clients
With the likely delayed implementation of the new lease accounting standard for privately-held companies, many organizations have shifted their focus away from the new lease standard to other priorities.

Alternative financing options for businesses [MNCPA]
The rise of the “private debt market” since The Great Recession is well-documented, but what does this mean for private and public CPAs? Simply, it means options for your company or clients.

Client accounting services 101 [MNCPA]
Would you like to have a deeper relationship with your clients? Would you like to grow your business and its revenue, all the while having clients who are happy to pay for new and expanding services?

Eight steps for crisis communications planning [MNCPA]
The Oracle from Omaha, Warren Buffet, said it very well: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

The impact of new data privacy laws on CPAs [MNCPA]
CPAs have long been subject to professional requirements for confidentiality and privacy. In recent years, these long-standing confidentiality requirements have been supplemented by data privacy laws.

Spousal relief: When your client needs relief from joint tax liability
Innocent spouse relief is an option to consider under certain circumstances.

How self-directed websites boost CPA leads
Follow these steps to make your website attractive and inviting to potential clients. Help them become clients.

Don’t fire clients; serve them!
There are countless articles instructing CPAs to fire clients. They fail to appreciate that the client has a stake in the relationship. We should ask ourselves, “How does the client perceive us?” If the client perceived that she received value for the services, she would be more likely to pay the fees. From the client perspective, the equation is value received equals fees paid.

8 questions for entrepreneurial accountants
Ask yourself these eight questions to get your organization on track.

Simplify your life before busy season
You don't want to wait until you're in the thick of tax season to think about how you can simplify everything. You want to be prepared ahead of time and take the time to simplify your life to improve your productivity and provide some peace of mind.

Calculated risks enhance clients' experiences
Changing the structure of the traditional accounting firm also enhances employees' experiences

Summertime: Time for a client-service tuneup
Clients of the future know more about the services and products available to them than ever before. They will demand more and pay more for the right services. In response, CPAs must learn new industries, technical skills, management techniques and client-service skills.

How might it be in 2023 and how to get there — part 2
The CPA profession is undergoing the most significant transformation ever in the next five-plus years! This is an exciting time for all of us -- at every level. It is also a time of concern for leaders as they make decisions about their firm's future direction.

Show up as your best self in every situation
Have you ever left a conversation thinking you didn't come across very well or that you didn't provide much value to the discussion? Or have you finished a presentation wondering why you failed to make an important point?

Building meaningful value propositions for prospective clients
I hate to disappoint you but gone are the days of differentiating yourself on quality, service, timeliness, expertise or even your experienced people.

Amending irrevocable trusts
If unsinkable ships can sink, certainly irrevocable trusts can be revoked (or modified).

Do you have enough of the right referral sources to grow a practice?
Is your referral source network as strong as it should be? For many of you, the answer is probably no.

Meals and no entertainment: M&E deduction diminished
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has revamped many different aspects of the tax law, including the widely-used M&E deduction. Often justifying the expense, businesses have used the M&E deduction to facilitate business relations through lunches, dinners, sporting events, golf outings and shows. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has severely limited or, in most cases, eliminated entertainment expenses that were once deductible.

How might it be in 2023 and how to get there
Our CPA profession will undergo the most significant disruption and transformation ever during the next five-plus years! Take a moment to think about that statement. This is an exciting time for all of us -- at every level. It is also a time of concern for leaders as they make decisions about their firm's future direction.

Tax season, busy season or is it really opportunity season?
I have heard so many people complain and fret through their busy season and then burn out. I have also seen many very successful people keep a positive attitude, plan well and weather the tough times year after year with a smile and a bigger book of business.

Business Perspective: ADP [MNCPA]
Not an expert in technology or systems integration? You may need to become one if you want to deepen your client relationships, according to new research.

Creating change with orange folders [MNCPA]
If there’s one universal truth in this world, it’s this: Creating change in an organization can be difficult.

No question is too outrageous this tax season [MNCPA]
For many people, taxes are a complicated and confusing matter. And, with that confusion, comes some outrageous tax questions.

Unlocking creativity with discipline [MNCPA]
You may think creativity and accounting mix as well as oil and water. But, what if I told you that your performance and business could improve by strengthening your creative mind?

MNCPA Perspectives blog posts

To extend or not extend: That is the question
Extension: a four-letter word? To some, including CPAs, it may be. However, it may be a necessary evil in order to help make sense of the new tax laws.

Shining the spotlight on the CPA profession
The curtain goes up. The overture plays the songs that have become oh-so familiar to me. I stand in the wings, anticipating my entrance on stage....

Entrepreneurs and CPAs are kickstarting the economy
What do Cards Against Humanity, Oculus Rift, 11 nominated movies and Neil Armstrong's space suit all have in common? Kickstarter! They all were funded via Kickstarter projects.

Wrestling with college funding
Doing what’s best for our children -- can we all agree this is a high priority for most parents? Of course, “what’s best” is up for debate, and...

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