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Important tips for job seekers [MNCPA]
Read about insider tips to help in the job search process and to land your next career.

What can you learn from Best Firm Award recipients?
Earlier this fall, Accounting Today released its 2023 Best Firms to Work For results, with two Minnesota-based firms scoring high in the midsized employer category.

Employer strategies that address current labor challenges
For many reasons, U.S. businesses are facing an unprecedented shortage of workers, and that’s having a profound impact on where companies choose to locate, how they price their products and services, and how they recruit, train and retain workers while trying to stay competitive nationally and globally.

How to measure the success of your hybrid work model for accounting leaders
At this stage, accounting firm leaders are turning their attention to measuring the success of their hybrid work model. But what works well for one company’s culture and working style may not work well elsewhere — even within the same industry.

The MNCPA and its members — a symbiotic relationship [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

5 myths about cannabis and the accounting industry
Cannabis is expected to be a $100 billion market in the next few years, with hundreds of thousands of new companies needing accounting and tax help.

5 tips for creating an impactful off-site team retreat
The best leaders recognize the need to get off the hamster wheel of never-ending operational tasks to focus on building a cohesive, high-performing team and an off-site retreat is one of the best ways to do just that.

Entering a positive work culture | Business Perspective [MNCPA]
Paige Batcha, CPA with Versique Search & Consulting shares her story.

How to address three common staffing challenges [MNCPA]
In the annual survey of MNCPA public practice members, 45% of respondents said their top concern this tax season was not having enough staff to complete the work.

Talent pipeline is the issue of our day [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

CPA exam set to change in 2024 [MNCPA]
Spread the word! For those who have already taken one or multiple parts of the exam, encourage them to complete (and pass) all four sections of the current exam to get ahead of the change.

MNCPA to explore broadening CPA licensure options [MNCPA]
The board approved an initiative to draft legislation to broaden options to CPA licensure requirements in Minnesota while maintaining rigorous testing requirements.

Tax implications of remote workers [MNCPA]
Adopting a co-employer model is one way to manage the tax compliance and HR requirements associated with remote workers.

6 ways marketing can help you recruit rock stars
Developing and implementing a solid recruiting/retention marketing strategy takes deliberate effort, but the sooner you start the sooner you will begin to see payoffs.

Putting your team in the mental position to accelerate change
You already know your team is vital to successful changes, put them in the place to drive it forward with confidence.

5 ways empathetic leadership can make digital transformation real [MNCPA]
Being more empathetic will not only help companies rebound from the last two years, it will also enable them to find their authentic voice and become an unstoppable force in technology and business.

Refresh your leaders with sabbaticals [MNCPA]
Increasing numbers of employers are offering sabbatical leave to combat burnout and inspire employee retention. Read about the experiences of MNCPA members who have taken sabbaticals.

Minnesota legalizes THC edibles
Following the July 1, 2022 legalization of unregulated THC products derived from hemp in Minnesota, here are some factors employers should keep in mind.

How to fix the leaky CPA pipeline [MNCPA]
Additional recruitment efforts won’t resolve staffing shortages if retention issues aren’t fixed first.

The hand of private equity in accounting firms [MNCPA]
Private equity is reaching into the accounting world, but why — and what’s the trade-off for CPA firms?

The pros and cons of ESOPs: Weighing your options
When it comes to choosing a business transition strategy, owners have a lot to think about. For those considering an employee stock ownership plan, it is important to begin with a basic understanding of the pros and cons of an ESOP.

Breaking myths about neurodiversity
Neurodiversity has always been around, but we’re only just starting to realize how we can support neurodiverse people and take advantage of their skills.

Who runs a company owned by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)?
An ESOP operates as a trust, which has two separate features of ownership like any other business. The difference is who is responsible for these features.

CPA Evolution will impact today’s interns; how can organizations prepare?
Leaders may want to engage with human resource teams to consider how CPA Evolution will impact their approach to talent acquisition moving forward.

Managing your EX (employee experience) [MNCPA]
In a tight labor market, the employee experience becomes a major part of your recruitment and retention strategy. Employers must define and articulate what makes them stand out from other employers.

Overcome the martyrdom of the profession [MNCPA]
Here are changes that can help curb death by a thousand paper cuts in your A&A practice.

Keep the CPE flowing ahead of June 30 [MNCPA]
Stay in the know with this helpful flowchart that outlines CPE requirements and certificate renewal information.

Opportunities lie ahead for the profession [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Is there a silver lining to the Great Resignation?
Here are five recommendations to implement now to help mitigate a stressful busy season due to staff shortages.

Your client is interested in an ESOP: Why do they need a feasibility study?
An ESOP can be a great way for a business owner to transition their business and give back to their employees, but it’s not ideal for everyone. Before you move forward, it’s wise to crunch some numbers to make sure it is a viable option.

Rise to the challenge of the moment [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Employee-owned companies can take advantage of the Employee Retention Credit
The ERC is an employment tax credit, not an income tax credit, making many ESOPs eligible so long as they meet other qualifications.

Business as unusual
Employers are faced with changing traditional ways of addressing employment issues and short-term solutions are not likely to help.

CPA firms: Expect the unexpected [MNCPA]
Don’t forget to incorporate the BOA rules into your succession-planning discussion. Doing so will help you to avoid complications, especially if non-CPA owners are involved.

Let’s all do our part! [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

The importance of employer branding [MNCPA]
A dive into what an employer brand is, how to build your employer branding strategy and how to promote it to attract high-quality candidates.

Add HRAs to your client’s tax planning toolkit
With a wage war in many sectors, what more can employers provide to tip the balance for staff retention?

Firm permit renewal is a very big deal [MNCPA]
Without a permit, a firm cannot operate or advertise as a CPA firm, nor perform compilations, audits or other attest services.

Don’t be scared! Renew and report before Dec. 31 [MNCPA]
Make no bones about it, Dec. 31 is your deadline for renewing and reporting to the BOA. Miss it and you’re out of compliance.

How to prevent turnover when introducing your ‘new normal’ [MNCPA]
It’s time to prepare for a long-anticipated but more gradual shift to the workplace of the future.

Should employers require a mandate to vaccinate?
President Joe Biden last week unveiled new vaccination requirements that are expected to have major repercussions for employers.

CPA status options: Can I? Should I? How do I? [MNCPA]
Whether you’re changing your CPA status from inactive to active or vice versa, the most important part is getting the answer right.

Get ahead of the ‘great resignation’ [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

An underused business succession tool: The WOC
A worker-owned cooperative is a business enterprise jointly owned and controlled by its workers under a participative governance model, with each member having one vote.

The 10 biggest myths (missed opportunities) with the Employee Retention Credit
Many CPAs are not fully understanding the nuances and complexities of this expanded law.

Take care of yourself, each other [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Considerations for financing ESOPs — a banking perspective
Owners and trusted advisers should review items like motivation, finances, culture, legacy, community impact, tax and bank issues.

As organizations move back to work, what does ‘the new normal’ look like? [MNCPA]
The pandemic required employers to rethink office and work arrangements. Employers are also were faced with demographic, economic, cultural and technological changes.

Can we have the best of both worlds? [MNCPA]
Hybrid work may be a win-win for employees and employers.

What is ESG? [MNCPA]
One acronym has quickly risen to the top of many C-suite and board agendas in the past year: ESG, or environmental, social and governance.

ESOPs: It’s not always about the money
There are also many ways in which an ESOP can meet the nonfinancial goals of a business owner.

The FAQs of an ESOP
An ESOP might be an appealing option for your business or for a client. Find out more.

Keeping fresh: How to prevent burnout [MNCPA]
Burnout among CPAs and financial professionals happens when people are in a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. 

We can never go back to before [MNCPA]
Now is the time to start thinking about a different normal in the workplace. The future of retaining — and recruiting — staff may depend on it.

Acknowledging the good in challenging times [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Emerging trends in data governance and privacy [MNCPA]
Business professionals have an absolute need to understand critical emerging trends in data governance and privacy.

Upheaval and resilience: The path to accounting amid COVID-19 [MNCPA]
The COVID-19 pandemic will cast a long shadow on our world in ways that even the best futurists have failed to consider. We just don’t know what we don’t know.

Does your employee handbook create an employee contract?
How a recent court case sheds a light on paying out PTO.

Flexibility and the workplace of the future: What does that mean? [MNCPA]
Here’s the bottom line as you prepare to lead the workplace of the future: Creating flexibility by design gives your organization a better chance of success than allowing flexibility with ambiguity.

Small, but mighty: Combating microaggressions [MNCPA]
Everyday verbal and nonverbal insults, known as microaggressions, are negatively effecting how we interact with each other.

Workplace holiday parties in the virtual world
Holiday parties will be handled differently this year. Here's what you should consider.

Succession planning best practices
Succession planning today is more complex for professional services firms than it was 15 years ago.

Advancement of women in public accounting [MNCPA]
Women continue to be underrepresented in the leadership of public accounting firms and are not progressing to the top of the profession at the same rate as their male counterparts. 

Staff connectivity ideas in the age of COVID-19 [MNCPA]
As many CPAs will share, having time to connect with your peers and refresh is a pillar as important to the process as the W-2 and a direct line to an IRS advocate.

Leadership in a changing world [MNCPA]
Many CPAs are wondering how to continue leading effectively and inclusively in this new work situation. Keep reading for ways you can lead with intention and help your team continue to do its best.

What’s in a title? Look beyond status [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Home or office: Managing employee stress [MNCPA]
The new normal may be anything but normal, and the playbook remains to be written.

Location’s role in your organization [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Dealing with return-to-work stress
As more workers transition back to the office, what can organizations do to plan for a safe, comfortable transition?

25 firm growth opportunities for 2020 and beyond
With the COVID-19 pandemic changing everything we do and how we do it, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you 25 growth ideas that are always timely no matter what the situation.

2020: The year of embracing change [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

The value of neurodiversity
Neurodiversity is a term that recognizes certain individuals' brains function differently and includes people on the autism spectrum, as well as those with dyslexia or ADHD, among other conditions.

Going beyond the basics [MNCPA]
Your organization may have a good foundation for diversity, equity and inclusion, but what's next?

We all have our CPA stories [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

So, what does being a partner mean?
Partners are the culture in a professional service firm — what they believe, what they reward, what they do and how they do it determines what and how things get done.

4 tactics for effective change management in the multigenerational workplace [MNCPA]
Managers are progressively tasked with mastering change management. Success depends on how well finance leaders support these changes within their teams.

COVID-19, disaster planning guidance for employers [MNCPA]
Whether for the COVID-19 pandemic or a future disaster, make sure your office has a plan in place to keep operations going.

Culture is key in today’s marketplace [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Adapting your firm in a time of a pandemic
Here are 10 actions your firm can take in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making teleworking work in a time of crisis
With the spread of COVID-19, which is the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, many employers who have not previously implemented telecommuting/work from home (WFH) arrangements, are being forced to offer WFH arrangements.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) guidance for employers
How should your office leaders prepare for and respond to a potential pandemic affecting the workplace?

Generation who cares? [MNCPA]
Do generational differences really matter? Consider these thoughts to address the situation in your office.

She said/she said [MNCPA]
We sat down to chat with a mentor and mentee from Deloitte about how both people can benefit from the relationship and experience of mentoring.

The kids are alright [MNCPA]
Sixteen accounting students share their thoughts and expectations for the future of the profession and their respective careers.

Build a virtual CPA firm in 5 steps
Follow these steps to build your firm with technology.

Keys to workplace happiness
Happiness at work is something nearly everyone wants, but it can be challenging to achieve.

3 ways new employee surveys can improve retention
Here are three ways that a new employee survey can support and even improve retention. Make sure to ask the right questions and analyze the results for action.

What to know about FLSA changes
On Sept. 24, the DOL announced its final rule on raising the salary threshold needed to satisfy the executive, administrative and professional exemptions to the FLSA.

Learning the ropes: A tale of attending client meetings with a mentor
Teaching less experienced staff members how to work client meetings is a win all around for the team.

Giving thanks in trying times [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

How to keep your best leaders [MNCPA]
Turnover rates are still high in comparison to prepandemic levels. Attracting and retaining top talent continues to be a major concern in most industries, with no end in sight.

Post-pandemic changes in finance and accounting [MNCPA]
The past few years have undeniably shifted the work landscape. So, what does that mean for attracting and retaining top talent for the long term?

Thrive through change: MBAC23 [MNCPA]
Highlights from the Management & Business Adviser's Conference 2023.

MNCPA Perspectives blog posts

A clearer pathway to CPA licensure vital to the financial health of Minnesota nonprofits
The current shortage of CPAs has hit the nonprofit sector especially hard because nonprofits cannot easily increase their funding to pay higher rates for the CPAs that are available ...

Participate in the NPAG talent pipeline survey
A national conversation about the accounting pipeline is underway and you have an opportunity to add your insight...

Member testimony on Senate File 1660
The following texts are excerpts from each individual’s prepared remarks...

Pathways CPA licensure bill advances in Senate
The MNCPA-backed bill to broaden the pathways to CPA licensure, advanced in the Minnesota Senate today. Watch the hearing now...

Connect with legislators concerning CPA pathways licensure bills
Can one voice have an influence? Yes! When you share how an issue affects you, your business or your clients, it elevates an issue for legislators...

CPA licensure bills return to Minnesota Legislature
The 2024 Minnesota legislative session convened this week and bills introduced last year automatically rolled over into the second year of the biennium...

Reaching high school students: Ideas from CPAs
As part of our annual MNCPA Tax Survey, we recently asked members a score of questions, including their ideas about what they have done or suggest for encouraging more students to get involved in the accounting industry...

Recent grads dish on 150 hours, CPA licensure
Hear from six current and recent students from two Minnesota universities to see how they view the accounting profession, the requirements around accreditation and how these weighed into their professional choices...

Choice in auditors is good for Minnesota
It is imperative residents engage with local governments and there is spending oversight. Whether we are discussing private businesses, not-for-profit or governmental entities...

Supporting your staff's success: How employers can help during the CPA exam
Recognize your staff members preparing for the CPA exam will have increased study commitments. Here are some ways employers can support their staff...

We must change the conversation around pathways to CPA licensure
It is no secret the field of accounting has both pipeline and diversity problems. There are many actions that should be taken to address these problems, and one of those is to follow Minnesota’s lead...

The CPA pipeline: Students are the future
The 2023 MNCPA Annual Meeting this month provided an opportunity to reflect on challenges by discussing areas of the profession that still need addressing, such as the CPA pipeline...

Experiential learning: An evolution in how knowledge is obtained by prospective CPAs
As the AICPA and NASBA consider new ways to enhance the attractiveness of the profession to counter a drop in accounting student enrollments and retain them...

Why should a school district care about CPA licensure?
Working in public education, I am acutely aware of how difficult it is to hire quality staff, but I never took a step back to think about what this means in other sectors throughout Minnesota...

Broadening the pathways to CPA licensure discussion will continue
The MNCPA board-approved bill, with bipartisan support in both the Minnesota House and Senate, did not become law this year, but this is not the end of this bill...

CPA pathways discussion: Addressing the objections
The reason driving the change — the declining number of CPAs — is well-documented, so what are the objections to broadening the pathway to CPA licensure? Let’s discuss...

NASBA votes to extend CPA Exam window to 30 months — but it’s not that easy
The amendment increases the length of conditional credit from 18 months to 30 months. Individual state boards of accountancy still need to vote on the measure ...

Comment on exposure draft concerning CPA exam scores
The MNCPA, along with 15 other state societies, support a 36 month window for CPA exam scores to be valid, allowing busy candidates more viable time to sit for the exams. Please send your support of this change to NASBA...

CPA credential legislation is start of discussion
Declining high school graduation sizes, increasing demand for CPAs, increasing retirements and declining number of candidates sitting for the CPA exam are converging...

Response to Journal of Accountancy article, Feb. 10, 2023, ‘NASBA upholds 150-hour education requirement’
We believe we are closer to the AICPA and NASBA in finding solutions for this critical issue than the article leads readers to believe...

An agile accounting profession requires adaptable licensing requirements
There are not enough CPAs now nor expected in the future to meet the needs of communities, entities and clients, setting up a perfect scenario for future financial failures. Introducing legislation was driven by several years of MNCPA member concerns and feedback...

The gift of time, knowledge ahead of CPA exam changes
I have good news for anyone who is currently taking the exam or will begin the process this year: The Minnesota Board of Accountancy (BOA) approved an 18-month credit extension...

Broadening the path to CPA licensure
Last month, MNCPA members received an email that the MNCPA board approved moving forward with drafting legislation to broaden the path to CPA licensure in Minnesota...

Blackout dates ahead of CPA exam changes
A completely overhauled CPA exam will hit testing centers in January 2024. Newsflash: That’s officially one year away! Mark these important dates on your 2023 calendars...

MNCPA members: What concerns us most about upcoming tax season
We asked our members as part of the annual MNCPA Tax Survey about what concerns them most about this upcoming tax season...

It’s a big week for accounting in Minnesota!
In an ongoing effort to grow the CPA pipeline, the MNCPA joined forces with more than 35 state CPA societies and the AICPA in a concentrated effort to raise awareness of the accounting profession within schools nationwide.

Employee and employer: Shaping the future of work
Let me share something that you’ve either heard or, more likely, have experienced: Today’s workers are not the same ones who went home in March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic...

CPA Evolution is coming — are you ready?
For those interested in taking the CPA Exam, big changes are coming...

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