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MNCPA Footnote: Just for Fun

Striving to make accounting cool - February/March 2022
MNCPA board member, Boz Bostrom, publishes his first novel, ‘The New Start’.

Statement disclosures: Your peers describe Minnesota conformity in three words - February/March 2020
Here is a look at some of our favorite responses, as well as a graphical look at the words that came up the most frequently.

You know it’s busy season when ____ - April 2020
We thought we’d share responses from our most recent tax survey to members who were asked a simple question: You know it’s busy season when ____. You didn’t disappoint.

Fantasy booking your client lineup - April 2021
In a recent survey of our Young Professional Group (YPG) members, we asked which celebrity (real or fictional) they would pick to provide accounting advice to and why.

Members share most outrageous tax deduction requests - April/May 2022
We recently asked MNCPA members to share the most outrageous tax deductions clients have come calling with. Unsurprisingly, the answers did not disappoint.

The songs of tax season - April/May 2024
Each year, the MNCPA sends out the annual Tax Survey to members to get a sense of what topics are impacting both members and their clients. This year, we added a fun question to the mix!

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