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Melisa Galasso, CPA

Galasso Learning Solutions LLC

Melisa Galasso Melisa F. Galasso, CPA, is the founder of Galasso Learning Solutions, where she combines her passion for technical accounting with a love of instructional design and training. She is a Certified Professional in Talent Development and has earned the Association for Talent Development Master Trainer™ designation. She also serves on the FASB’s Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee (NAC), AICPA Council and the VSCPA’s Board of Directors. She previously served on the AICPA’s Technical Issues Committee (TIC) and is a past-Chair of the NCACPA’s A&A committee.

Webinars led by Melisa Galasso

Date Webinar
5/21/2022 22WA-1003: Deep Dive Common Auditing Deficiencies (Webinar)
5/25/2022 22WA-1125: Audit & Attestation Update (Webinar)
5/25/2022 22WA-1137: Topic 842: Implementing Leases Workshop (Webinar)
5/25/2022 22WA-1148: Accounting & Auditing Update for Small Businesses (Webinar)
5/25/2022 22WA-1167: Common Audit Deficiencies (Webinar)
5/25/2022 22WA-1174: Common Yellow Book & Single Audit Deficiencies (Webinar)
5/26/2022 22WA-1192: Government GAAP Update (Webinar)
5/26/2022 22WA-1227: Not-for-Profit GAAP Update (Webinar)
5/26/2022 22WA-1232: Yellow Book Boot Cam: Update (Webinar)
5/26/2022 22WA-1233: Uniform Guidance Update (Webinar)
5/26/2022 22WA-1243: Yellow Book Update (Webinar)
5/27/2022 22WA-1260: Introduction to NFP Accounting (Webinar)
5/27/2022 22WA-1276: Yellow Book Boot Camp: Intro (Webinar)
5/27/2022 22WA-1279: Introduction to Governmental Accounting (Webinar)
5/27/2022 22WA-1292: Introduction to Yellow Book (Webinar)
5/27/2022 22WA-1301: Introduction to Uniform Guidance (Webinar)