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Charles Weinstein, PhD

Ethical Leaders in Action, LLC

Charles Weinstein Charles A. “Chad” Weinstein is president of Ethical Leaders in Action, Inc., and author of “Thinking Aloud: Reflections on Ethical Leadership.” Ethical Leaders in Action provides leadership development, ethics education, and strategic consulting services to industries ranging from construction and engineering to medical devices and insurance. He also works extensively with law enforcement, fire and EMS, and health care leaders. Weinstein’s approach to ethics is positive, focused not on avoiding wrongdoing, but on helping leaders at all levels of an agency to work together in pursuit of mission and excellence.

Weinstein has been an educator, consultant and manager for more than thirty years. Prior to his work in ethical leadership development, Weinstein led teams and organizations in market and technology consulting, most recently as Vice President of Client Services for Guideline, Inc. He has served clients in a wide variety of industries, ranging from consumer products, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals to heavy equipment manufacturing, mining and petroleum extraction. Weinstein is also a community faculty member of the Metropolitan State University School of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement and has been an adjunct faculty member of the Carlson School of Management.