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24SS-0280: Surgent's Lessons Learned From Successful Companies (Self-Study)

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Self-study - On-Demand
2 CPE (2 non-technical)

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  • Tuesday, September 10, 2024 - Webinar

Why do some companies fail while others grow and succeed for generations? Common perceptions often attribute organizational success to great leadership, timing, or unique ideas. Although these traits certainly play a role in helping companies grow, research shows that corporate success often hinges on whether a company is value driven. Such companies have core ideologies that drive almost every major decision.

In this course, we look at empirical data on why some companies succeed while others fail. By looking at companies that were created prior to 1950 (e.g., Disney, Marriott, or 3M), we can understand why certain organizations have been able to grow and achieve exceptional success through many different eras in the American economy. The lessons learned from these visionary companies can be broadly applied to organizations of all sizes, including accounting and financial service firms.

Major subjects

  • Creating a visionary company
  • Traits of successful, visionary companies
  • Goal setting to create a successful organization
  • The role of experimentation and failure in achieving success
  • How successful organizations emphasize learning new skills
  • The role of effective communication in achieving corporate success
  • The importance of emotional intelligence in building corporate culture
  • How leadership can direct a company toward success

Learning objective(s)

  • Understand what differentiates highly successful organizations from their less successful peers, according to research
  • Recognize the myths regarding organizational success
  • Implement strategies to improve corporate culture and effectiveness

Who should take this program?

Anyone in the accounting or financial organizations services professions who seeks to understand ways to implement or improve their profession


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of study
of study
Business Management & Organization - Non-Technical (2.0)
Level Overview
Format Self-study - On-Demand
Sponsor Surgent
NASBA ID#: 103212
Prerequisites Prereq. None

If the organization paying for the purchase is exempt from sales tax, call us at 952-831-2707 to complete your purchase.

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