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Federal conformity

Updated January 2024

In 2023 legislators debated and passed a federal conformity during the first week of the legislative session and was followed by Gov. Walz signing the conformity bill in the second week of January.  The 2024 legislature starts later with a Feb. 12, 2024, start date which will result in any tax law changes coming after the filing season had started.

The issue

Minnesota is a static conformity state and will need to legislation to conform to any nonconforming items such as bonus depreciation or the estate tax or if Congress makes any additional retroactive changes in early 2024.

CPAs will have many opportunities to advocate for further conformity, help legislators understand its importance to taxpayers and identify issues still needing clarification.

Why you should care

  • Tax policy that is easy to understand increases taxpayer compliance and helps create a more efficient process for all involved.
  • Tax law that is hard to understand causes unintentional noncompliance and leads to more administrative burdens for the state. Many people who do not use a CPA may not know about not conforming tax laws and, therefore, may not submit a correct tax return or receive a benefit to which they are entitled.

What can you do

Contact your legislators and educate them on how Minnesota's tax laws are impacting your business and your clients.

Encourage them to support federal conformity legislation.

Influencing positive change

MN State Capitol

With the help of your donations to the MNCPA PAC, we have had great success at the Capitol throughout the past decade.

Reasons to contribute:

  • Carry a unified message on CPA issues to legislators.
  • Raise CPAs' visibility at the Capitol.
  • Continue the proven track record of success.

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